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Patti Sorensen

I have dabbled in drawing and painting off and on (more "off" than "on") over several decades. Recently, I have worked ("played") with much more focus, taking classes at The Studio in Lethbridge and numerous workshops across Alberta. I paint primarily with watercolor, although after a serendipitous  second-hand store purchase, I have branched out to pastels. I have also worked with acrylics and oils. However , the transparency and spontaneity inherent in watercolors continually call me back.  Painting, for me, is a form of meditation, a way of paying homage to everyday and extraordinary moments in time.

I have become more involved in the art community. By joining the Stratmore Art Society and becoming the second vice president of Western Canadian Art Society, I have started interacting with more artist. This allows for discussions on art styles, materials, mediums, techniques, and general socialization.

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