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I have dabbled in drawing and painting off and on (more “off” than “on) over several decades. I began painting much more consistently about 7 years ago.   Although I have not had formal training, I would not consider myself “self-taught” as I am an unrepentant “workshop junkie”. This addiction also nudged me to experiment beyond watercolour as oil and acrylic workshop opportunities greatly outnumbered watercolour workshop opportunities.   The subject matter and message now determine the art medium used, although the transparency and spontaneity inherent in watercolors continually calls me back to my painting “roots”.


Painting, for me, is a form of meditation and a way of paying homage to everyday and extraordinary moments in time.    

On my own, I have extensively studied color theory, differences between brands, colors and color mixes; pursued creating portraits and mixed media abstracts. I do most of my works in water color, with excursions to use acrylics and oils. I have built a solid base in each of these media.


Several years ago, my family got me to run some artist retreats for them to do. This was an wonderful way for me to explore even more media and techniques that I would not normally pursue. It's always a question of what art is going to be made during these retreats. So far I have researched, practiced and done things like acrylic pours, mixed media painting, alcohol ink painting and sewing. My family and I are always looking into more art medium and techniques to do.

One would think now that my kids are grown up, my art supplies would stop being abducted. That is not the case. My daughter got her Grandma and Great Aunt into the habit. 

". . . but mom has all of the coolest supplies and activities. We just want to copy what she's doing!"

- My Daughter (age 26 NOT 5. Some habits she never grew out of)


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